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Amateur licenses delivery ceremony

The 23rd February 2018 is when history was written for Tunisia in general, and the Tunisian radio amateur society in particular. After a considerable time of waiting, starting from publishing the decree to the exam day to publishing the results, ending by requesting callsigns, the […]

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1 min 6 yrs

ARAT’s annual meeting

On Sunday the 4th 2017, ARAT held its annual meeting at Ibn Khaldoun Hotel in Tunis, with the presence of members from across the country as well as the guest Jean Michelle Lore, ON5QF. During the meeting, the association’s president Ashraf Chaabane presented a résumé […]

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Risk Reduction & National Emergency Plan by Tunisian Presidency

1 min 11 yrs

ARAT was invited by the Tunisian Presidency to take part in seminar about establishing a National Emergency Plan, in Cartago. ARAT was presented by its president Ashraf Chaabane and Hussein Rifait a former Civil Protection Specialist. That was a great opportunity to make interesting contacts […]

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