CQ WW 160 CW 2017.

CQ WW 160 CW 2017 was intended to be the opportunity to set up and try the inverted-L antenna for transmitting and the beverage for receiving. The only location with a license where this can be installed is the camping center of Borj Cedria where 3V8CB club station is.

The installation team from ARAT is composed of Ash 3V/KF5EYY, Ahmad 3V/KG5OUE and Ali 3V/F4HJD with support from Majdi 3V8CB.

The Inverted-L was a 1/4 wave 40m long wire, with about 20m of vertical part and the rest is almost horizontal. The antenna is installed with 12 radials laid on the ground (2 radials 40m long, 10 radials 10m long) connected to a good grounding system.

The beverage is a 260m beverage installed at 2.2m high and beaming North America.

More on Beverage performance: www.kf5eyy.info

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