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As usual, ARAT participated in the 2017’s edition of JOTA-JOTI. For this event, in collaboration with the Tunisian scouts, many workshops and activities had been established, such as radio basics and electronics, in the International Scout Camping Centre of Borj Cedria, Tunisia on the 20, 21, and 22 October 2017. This year the program was slightly different and more dynamic compared to the previous editions. The activities were:

-An electronics workshop moderated by Hannibal H. , a senior ARAT member, consisted of making and testing small and basic FM transmitters.

-an introductive workshop about satellite communication and amateur radio satellites presented by Ahmed B. .

-An introductive workshop about antennas and propagation moderated by Wael A. and Hamza S. .

-A session for introducing ham radio world and establishing QSOs presented by Oussema Y. .

-And for the first time in Tunisia, an ARDF activity took place, moderated by Ashraf C. .

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