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ARAT 2020 mid-year meeting

On Saturday June 13th 2020, ARAT held its mid-year annual meeting in the University of Sciences of Tunis. A presentation […]

ARAT 2020 Annual Meeting

On Saturday the 29th of February, ARAT held its annual meeting at the “Work Zone” space in the Northern Urban […]

ARAT’s Telnet visit

On Friday November 1st 2019, ARAT paid a visit to Telnet – a Tunisian Engineering and technology consulting company – […]

JOTA-JOTI in Tunisia 2019

As every year; ARAT and the Tunisian Scouts jointly organized the Jamboree on air / on the Internet program held […]

ARAT informal meeting

ARAT held its mid-year informal meeting in Borj Cedria international camping center on Saturday September 7th, 2019. During the meeting, […]

ARAT’s annual meeting

On Saturday the 13th 2019, ARAT held its annual meeting at El Hana International Hotel in Tunis, with the presence […]

3V-Tunisia, call for support

The « Association des Radio Amateurs Tunisiens – ARAT », created back in 2011 after the Jasmin Revolution, has demonstrated a satisfactory […]